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Support research and development with subsidies under TREND programme

The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR) has announced the preliminary parameters of the call to participate in the TREND programme to support industrial research and experimental development. This is the 10th call for proposals, this time implemented in the Technological Leaders sub-programme 1. According to preliminary information, the TA CR should announce the call on 5 April 2023.

You can apply for support if you have previous experience in carrying out research and development (R&D) within your own capacity or by purchasing R&D services from research organisations but have not yet developed your own R&D activities. In practice, this means that support can be given to, e.g., the development of new areas of digitisation and their use in industry and services, projects supporting the distribution of products under the Industry 4.0 initiative, the use of new technologies in the automotive industry and other key sectors such as robotics, artificial and digital technologies, nanotechnologies, industrial biotechnologies, energy sectors, or projects aimed at applying the principles of a circular economy, etc. Each entity may submit only one project proposal within the 10th call for proposals under the TREND programme.

The TA CR has not yet determined the exact funds for allocation for this call. The maximum aid amount is CZK 25 million and the maximum aid intensity per project is up to 70% of eligible costs. Projects can be carried out either independently or in cooperation with other enterprises or research organisations. Eligible costs may include personnel costs (including scholarships), subcontracting, other direct costs, and indirect costs. 

According to the published preliminary parameters, applications will be accepted from 6 April to 24 May 2023. The project implementation must begin between January and March 2024 and should take between 12 and 30 months. The latest date for project completion is June 2026.

The project must result in one main deliverable, which may be an industrial design, utility model, prototype, working sample, software, pilot operation, or proven technology. In combination with these deliverables, more specific methodologies or a patent will also be accepted.

More information and all conditions for project proposal submittance will be published by the TA CR once the call for proposals is announced.

If you are interested in applying for support, we will be happy to review whether your activities comply with the terms and conditions of the call.