Another tax liberation package waives default interest on selected taxes and some administrative fees

The Ministry of Finance is waiving default interest on VAT and road tax for entities in selected sectors of industry, and default interest and interest on deferred tax amount where the deferment of tax payment or payment of tax in instalments was…

Tax liberation package extended to retail and provision of services in business premises

The Ministry of Finance adopted another tax liberation package, extending the waiver of road tax and income tax prepayments…

Tax liberation package waives selected prepayments

The Ministry of Finance adopted another tax liberation package, postponing selected tax duties of entrepreneurs most affected…

Liberation package III postpones filing of tax returns and payment of tax

In Financial Bulletin No. 9, the Ministry of Finance has published a third liberation package, generally and under certain…

Tax liberation packages – practical recommendations

Keeping track of all tax-related measures published so far in connection with the coronavirus pandemic might be quite difficult. To help, below we are providing you with practical recommendations sorted by individual tax areas.

COVID-19: Tax Liberation Package II

On 24 March 2020, the Ministry of Finance published Financial Bulletin 5/2020, specifying other measures to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic (Tax Liberation

COVID-19: tax package

The government approved a package of liberating tax measures to mitigate the impact of coronavirus pandemic.