10 December 2018

Seven tax news items for employers and employees in 2019

The maximum assessment base for social insurance and the minimum wage will increase, which will also affect other mandatory payments and tax credits. The waiting period, i.e. the first three days of a temporary inability to work during which…

7 November 2018

Uniform interpretation of crypto assets at hand?

An important voice has joined the pending discussions regarding the nature of crypto assets, i.e. virtual currencies, various tokens and initial coin offerings (ICO). In mid-October, a working group of the European Securities and Markets Authority …

World news
7 November 2018

October ECOFIN meeting: quick VAT fixes

In addition to the generalised reverse charge mechanism, other important VAT changes were agreed on at the October meeting of the Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN). These involve quick fixes and the application of a reduced rate to e…

Case law
7 November 2018

Research and development allowance for clinical studies

In a recent judgement, the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) held that a research and development allowance had been claimed unlawfully, as the project in question had no element of novelty. The SAC dealt with the third phase of clinical research…

Case law
7 November 2018

SAC on how to interpret double taxation treaties

If a double taxation treaty can be applied, the tax administrator may not automatically use domestic legal regulations to interpret a treaty’s individual concepts but must apply international law principles and the commentaries to the OECD’s Model…