6 August 2019

Draft amendment introducing changes to assignment of workers

In June, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs submitted to the government a draft amendment to the Labour Code and the Employment Act in connection with the transposition of an amended EU directive concerning the posting of workers in the…

3 July 2019

Amendment to Asset Valuation Act to define market value

Draft amendment to the Asset Valuation Act submitted by the government to parliament aims to introduce a definition of market value as an alternative valuation method into Czech law. If passed, the new law should enter into effect on 1 January 2021.

World news
3 July 2019

Renewable energy sources for all Europeans

The last of the eight legislative acts constituting the Winter Energy Package was published in the European Union’s Official Journal in June. Submitted by the European Commission in November 2016, the changes to EU energy legislation aiming to…

3 July 2019

Rate package to tax one-crown bonds

The government has passed a so called rate package aiming to boost public budget revenues. Some points were added to the finance ministry’s original bill, in particular the taxation of one-crown bonds. The proposed taxation of insurers’ technical…