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13 December 2017

Latest news - December 2017

Last month’s tax and legal news in a few sentences.

Lenka Fialková
  • According to the London Appeal Tribunal, Uber drivers have employment rights. In contrast, Uber claims that its drivers are self-employed persons and has appealed against the tribunal’s decision.
  • The Czech Ministry of Justice has submitted the substance of a special law on collective redress, allowing groups of consumers to enforce their rights within single proceedings.
  • A Notice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the double taxation treaty between the Czech Republic and Chile regarding the taxation of interest has been published in the Collection of International Treaties.
  • Decree No. 401/2017, determining basic foreign meal allowance rates for 2018, has been published in the Collection of Laws.
  • A government decree on the exclusion of certain sales from the reporting of sales has been published in the Collection of Laws under No. 376/2017.
  • The European Commission has unveiled new tools to combat extensive VAT fraud. These measures should form the basis for a new common EU definitive VAT system.
  • In December, the ECOFIN approved an EU list of non-cooperative jurisdictions as well as the Commission’s Communication on a Fair and Efficient Tax System in the EU for the Digital Single Market. In addition, the council adopted proposals relating to VAT on e-commerce that should help on-line businesses fulfil their VAT duties.
  • The OECD approved an update of the OECD Model Tax Convention for 2017.
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