In brief
10 May 2018

Latest news - May 2018

Last month’s tax and legal news in a few sentences.

Lenka Fialková
  • In connection with the planned fourth call to participate in the TRIO programme, the Ministry of Industry and Trade submitted to the government a proposal to extend the TRIO programme and increase its budget. The government approved the proposal on 30 April 2018. Another call to participate in the programme should be announced sometimes during September 2018. The TRIO programme focuses on providing support to research and development projects, reimbursing mainly operating expenses. Project financing will commence in 2019 and other criteria will be explained in detail at seminars that are planned for September and October 2018. 
  • Draft amendments to tax laws for 2019 in the government’s publicly available e-library have been amended. An amendment to the Income Tax Act no longer contains the abolishment of the super-gross salary and the subsequent adjustment of tax rates. The Ministry of Finance proposes the introduction of a reporting duty for taxpayers whose income flows abroad if this income is liable to withholding tax, is exempt from tax, or is not liable to tax under an international tax treaty.
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