New call to receive support for energy saving measures in enterprises

The Ministry of Industry and Trade announced the fifth call within the Energy Savings programme on 16 July 2019, aiming to provide support to businesses adopting energy savings measures in their enterprises (including the use of energy from renewable resources). It is possible to apply for support from 16 September 2019 to 30 April 2020.

The level of aid provided to large enterprises will amount to 30% of eligible expenses, where the subsidy per one project will be a minimum of CZK 500 thousand and a maximum of CZK 380 million. Eligible are expenses incurred for tangible and intangible fixed assets, engineering activities, energy-related appraisals (constituting an integral part of the filed application), project documentation, and the organisation of tender proceedings.

Projects may only be carried out outside the territory of the capital of Prague. The call does not restrict the number of applications that can be filed by one economic entity, which really is a positive piece of news. The call within this programme aims to support activities such as:

  • modernisation and reconstruction of electricity, gas and heat supply in buildings and manufacturing plants’ energy management units
  • implementation and modernisation of measurement and regulation systems (e.g. hardware and networks incl. appropriate software)
  • modernisation of lighting systems at buildings and industrial sites (only where obsolete technologies are replaced with new efficient lighting systems, e.g. LED)
  • measures affecting the energy efficiency of buildings
  • use of waste energy in manufacturing processes
  • installation of renewable resources for the enterprise’s own consumption (the use of bio-mass, solar systems, heat pumps and photovoltaic systems)
  • installation of co-generation units using the electricity, heat or cold for the enterprise’s own consumption while considering its operational conditions
  • installation of electricity accumulation (the accumulator must be operated in energy management units having their own electricity resources).

The ministry has determined several specific criteria in respect of individual supported activities, e.g. activities must not be part of a single independent project but should be part of another comprehensive undertaking.

Should you be interested, we will be happy to provide more information in this respect and discuss with you the adequacy of this programme and other specifics for your planned activities.

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