New calls to participate in EIC OP also available for large businesses

September has brought new calls to participate in the Enterprise and Innovations for Competitiveness Operational Programme (EIC OP), consisting of the Potential, Innovation, and Application Programmes. Subsidies will also be available for large businesses.

The Potential Programme supports investment projects focusing on research, development and innovation activities. The Application Programme mainly focuses on operating expenses incurred to solve industrial research and experimental development projects. The Innovation Programme provides support to innovations in manufacturing, including the enhancement of the effectiveness of manufacturing processes, and marketing and organisational improvements.

The Potential Programme accepts applications from 1 October 2019 to 16 December 2019. The level of aid to be rendered will amount to 50% of eligible costs (fixed assets) and the maximum subsidy per one project will be CZK 30 million. 

The Application Programme will start accepting applications from 16 October 2019 and will run until 15 January 2020. The level of aid per project may not exceed 70% and will vary depending on the type of activity performed. The maximum subsidy amount will be CZK 80 million.

The Innovation Programme accepts applications from 15 October 2019 to 15 January 2020. The level of aid for large businesses will amount to 25% of eligible costs (fixed assets), where the subsidy per one project will be a maximum of up to CZK 75 million. All projects must meet the one condition that the innovation activities in manufacturing must be built on previously completed research and development, with a functional prototype existing at the filing of the support application. 

Large businesses planning to participate in the above programmes within the EIC OP must meet the following interventions:

  • Intervention code 065 – the project will have a significant positive impact on the environment, i.e. will focus on low-carbon management and resilience against climate change (e.g. it will have to be proven that CO2 emissions have been reduced, etc.)
  • Intervention code 063 – the large business will directly cooperate with a small or medium-size business on a specific research and development project.

Within the Potential Programme, large businesses must fulfil at least one of the above conditions; within the Innovation Programme, they may not choose from the conditions but must meet intervention code 065. In contrast, within the Application Programme, large businesses do not have to fulfil any of the above conditions but will only receive a maximum of CZK 40 million per project, if they choose not to do so.

Another condition for all calls and programmes is that large businesses may file only one application under one call per one applicant (identification number) and must carry out their projects in the Czech Republic except for Prague. Other, additional conditions have been determined for individual calls.                   

In addition to the above programmes, it is also possible to apply for support from the Energy Savings Programme, which will accept applications until 30 April 2020. This programme focuses on reducing the energy consumption of businesses (e.g. thermal insulation of buildings, replacement of lighting, measurement and regulation systems, etc.) and provides support of up to 30% of eligible costs and a subsidy of up to EUR 15 million.

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