Fourth call to TRANSPORT 2020+

On 6 April 2022, the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic announced the fourth call to participate in the TRANSPORT 2020+ programme.

The competition will support applied research, experimental development and innovation projects while focusing on research in the entire transport sector for all types of transport, i.e., land, water, and air, including all types of transport vehicles and infrastructure. Each proposal must meet one of the specific objectives of the programme, such as sustainable transport, safe and resilient transport and transport infrastructure, accessible and interoperable transport, or automation, digitisation, navigation, and satellite systems.

The call period will run from 7 April to 1 June 2022. Project implementation can start no earlier than January and no later than February 2023. The project implementation can take from 12 to 48 months and the latest date for completion of the project is set for December 2026. Total funds for allocation amount to CZK 495 million. The maximum subsidy amount per project is set at CZK 50 million. The maximum aid intensity is shown in the following table:


Types of candidates /
Activity categ.
Maximum intensity - industrial research In case of effective cooperation Maximum intensity - exp. development In case of effective cooperation
Small-sized businesses 70% 80% 45% 60%
Medium-sized businesses 60% 75% 35% 50%
Large businesses 50ˇ% 65% 25% 40%
Research organisations                                                    100%
Other candidates                                                    100%

Who is eligible for support?

Only an entity that has its registered office, place of business or branch in the Czech Republic can be a candidate. The project can be carried out independently or in cooperation with other participants. An unlimited number of project proposals can be submitted. This call for proposals offers support to cover personnel expenses, subcontracting costs, and other direct and indirect costs.

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