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Long-awaited first calls under OP TAC

On 1 September 2022, the new Operational Programme Technology and Application for Competitiveness (OP TAC) started accepting applications for the Application, Innovation, and Energy Savings programmes. The Application and Energy Savings programmes are also intended for large enterprises. Participation in the Innovation programme is limited to enterprises employing a maximum of 499 employees.

Application – Call I

The activities supported under this call are industrial research and experimental development. Eligible costs may include operating costs incurred in carrying out the project, specifically, costs for contract research and research and development consultancy services; personnel costs of development staff working on the project; costs of tools, instruments, and equipment in the form of depreciation of tangible fixed assets; costs of materials and components; and additional overheads. The mandatory output of the project must be, e.g., a prototype, a patent, or a verified technology. A large enterprise (including mid-caps and small mid-caps) is entitled to submit a maximum of two projects, i.e., two applications for support.

Innovation – Call I

Under this programme, enterprises can receive support for product or process innovation using completed R&D results. Eligible costs include the cost of project documentation including engineering, the cost of rights to use intellectual property, and the cost of product certification. Costs of technology and construction may also be eligible if certain conditions are met. Unlike the previous programme period, this programme is not intended for large enterprises. There is no limit to the number of applications per one corporate ID number.

Energy Savings – Call I

Under this call, it is possible to apply for support, for example, for the reduction of energy consumption of buildings, the use of renewable energy sources, the modernisation of electricity, gas, heat, cold and compressed air distribution systems, the use of waste energy, the modernisation of production and technological processes, etc.

It is also possible to claim the costs of tangible and intangible fixed assets, engineering, energy assessment reports, project documentation, and the costs of organising tenders. The maximum amount of total eligible costs for the calculation of the subsidy is CZK 25,000/GJ per year, i.e., an equivalent of CZK 90,000/MWh of savings per year. To ensure the cost-effectiveness of the project, the actual expenditure must not exceed CZK 37,500/GJ of savings per year, i.e., CZK 135,000/MWh. Projects must also meet one more criterion, which is to achieve savings in primary energy from non-renewable sources of at least 30% or, in the case of projects other than building renovation, achieve a reduction of direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions of at least 30% compared to previous emissions. There is no limit to the number of applications per one corporate ID number.

Individual call parameters
Parameter Application Innovation Energy Saving
Applications accepted from / to 30/9 – 30/11/2022 1/9 – 30/11/2022 1/9 – 30/11/2023
Total funds for allocation CZK 4 billion CZK 1 billion CZK 10 billion
Latest date for project completion 31/12/2026 31/10/2025 30/11/2025
Aid amount CZK 2 mil – CZK 125 mil CZK 1 mil – CZK 40 mil CZK 500 thousand – CZK 200 mil
Aid intensity* 25% – 85% 20% – 60% 35% – 65%
Applicants large enterprises, SMEs, mid-caps**, and research organisations small mid-caps, SMEs large enterprises, SMEs
Criteria for large enterprises effective cooperation with an SME*** X X
Type of call single-round single-round continuous

* Depends on the size of enterprise and the place of project implementation.
** These are entities that have no more than 3,000 employees and are not SMEs.
*** In the case of a large enterprise with more than 3,000 employees, it is always necessary to implement the project in cooperation with a small or medium-sized enterprise while fulfilling the definition of effective cooperation.


All projects must be implemented in the Czech Republic outside of Prague. This applies to all programmes. The supported activities do not include simple property restoration and production activities. Further conditions are set within individual calls.

Should you be interested, we will be happy to provide you with more information or to check the suitability of the programme for your planned activities and other special conditions.