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Overview of current and planned subsidy programmes

New subsidy support opportunities this year were mainly provided by the Operational Programme Technology and Application for Competitiveness (OP TAC). Subsidy support could also be obtained from other programmes such as the Modernisation Fund or the Technology Agency of the CR's programmes. Below we summarise programmes that are currently open and those that we can look forward to in 2023.

Operational Programme Technology and Application for Competitiveness (OP TAC)

OP TAC currently allows for applying for support in the Applications and Energy Savings programmes. The Applications programme is open to mid-cap (capitalisation) entities, i.e., entities with no more than 3,000 employees, assessed on a group-wide basis. Where applicants exceed this limit, they may apply for support if they implement the project in cooperation with a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME). Under the Energy Savings programme, large enterprises may apply for support without limitation.

The Applications programme is designed to support operating expenses incurred in industrial research and experimental development projects, i.e., expenses incurred to acquire new knowledge needed for the development of new products, materials, technologies, and services. Applications for support can be submitted until 31 January 2023. Mid-cap companies and large businesses may receive aid of up to CZK 125 million. The aid intensity is 50% of the eligible costs for industrial research and 25% of the eligible costs for experimental development for mid-cap companies. For large enterprises working on a project in collaboration with SMEs, the aid intensity is 65% and 40% of eligible costs for industrial research and experimental development, respectively. The next call under the Applications programme is planned for the last quarter of 2023.

The Energy Savings programme provides support for investments aimed at, e.g., the use of renewable energy sources, insulation of buildings, modernisation of electricity, gas, heat and cold distribution systems, or the reduction of the energy consumption of buildings. Large enterprises can receive aid of up to EUR 200 million, with the aid intensity of 45% or 35% of eligible costs.

New calls under the OP TAC’s Potential and Water Savings programmes are planned to be announced in 2023. The long-awaited and particularly popular Potential programme will support investments in research and development. The call is expected to be announced in the second quarter of 2023. The Water Savings programme will provide support for investments in water saving measures in business management, with the call expected to be announced in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Modernisation Fund

The Modernisation Fund now offers the possibility to apply for support under RES+ No. 1/2022 - Photovoltaic Power Plants up to 1 MWp, aiming to support the construction of small photovoltaic power plants with an installed capacity of up to and including 1 MWp. In addition to support for the installation of photovoltaic power plants, it is possible to obtain funding for battery storage systems and hydrogen production systems using water electrolysis. Applications for support can be submitted until 15 March 2023. The maximum aid intensity may not exceed 50% of total eligible costs, with the maximum aid per unit limited to CZK 11,000/kWp for projects without accumulation or CZK 20,000/kWp for projects with accumulation.

Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR)

TA CR aims to centralise state aid for applied research and development. Its programmes usually offer support for operating expenses incurred in the implementation of R&D projects and, in contrast to OP TAC, subsidies are usually paid beforehand as advance payments on an annual basis. You may apply for support in the 9th call of TA CR for proposals under the TREND programme, sub-programme 2 Newcomers, aimed at providing support for the start-up of own research and development activities of enterprises that have not yet carried out such activities. Applications can be submitted until 11 January 2023. The duration of the project must not exceed 48 months. The project output/result must be, e.g., an industrial design, utility model, prototype, functional sample, etc. The aid intensity for large enterprises is 25-65% of eligible costs, with a maximum subsidy of CZK 15 million. It is necessary to cooperate with at least one research organisation during the project.

In September 2022, the Transport 2030 programme was approved as a successor to Transport 2020+. The new programme will support applied research, the results of which will lead to the development of the transport sector and all types of transport and will contribute to greater sustainability and reduce negative environmental impacts. Specific objectives are sustainable, accessible, and safe transport, automation, digitisation, technologically advanced transport, and low-emission and green transport. The first call inviting to the programme will be launched in 2023.

If you are interested in applying for support under one of these programmes, we will be happy to examine whether your project is suitable for the specific requirements of the call.