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Companies can get support for employee education and training

The Operational Programme Employment+ has announced a call for employers who want to support their employees in education and training so that workers may adapt their skills to changes or a more suitable working environment. Enterprises based in Prague will also be able to apply for this type of support.

The Operational Programme Employment+ (OPE+) offers more than a hundred calls in the 2021 to 2027 programming period. It focuses not only on the future of work, social inclusion, and innovation, but also on material and technical assistance.

For enterprises of all sizes, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs will soon announce Call 47 concerning the further professional training of employees. The ministry originally planned to announce the call in February and start accepting applications from February to April, but according to the latest information, the call is still in preparation.

Available information on Call 47 – Corporate Education and Training:

  • CZK 1 billion will be distributed among applicants.
  • The application will need include annexes concerning, e.g., the size of the enterprise or a statement of the number of employees. 
  • It will not be necessary to submit a business plan or other annexes usually time-consuming to prepare. 
  • Applications will be submitted through monitoring system MS2021+, allowing applicants to provide all information online. 
  • Aid is anticipated to be provided in the de minimis regime.

Below we present selected conditions that applied to previous calls aimed at supporting corporate training, since similar conditions should apply to the new expected call.

Supported activities: professional training of employees, e.g., in IT, soft and managerial skills, language training, accounting, economics or legal courses, or any other technical and vocational training.

Aid intensity: EU funding intensity has been set at 85%.
The minimum amount of total eligible project costs has been set at CZK 500 thousand, with the maximum being CZK 10 million. Since the call currently in preparation will be open to companies that plan to implement their projects in Prague, OPE+ representatives expect the overall aid intensity to be slightly lower than in previous calls.

Eligible costs: Aid will be determined by the number of man-hours on completed training courses. These courses have had a maximum duration eligible for reimbursement in hours, which in previous calls was around 16-20 hours. The unit cost per activity ranged from around CZK 200 to CZK 600 depending on the type of training. The resulting aid was then calculated as the product of the number of hours and the unit cost of the activity.

We will know the exact terms and conditions once the call is announced. If you are interested in more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.