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New subsidy programmes in 2023

The new year offers new opportunities for subsidy support: several calls and public tenders target projects focused on research and development, energy savings, construction of photovoltaic power plants, and applied research in transport.

For the Operational Programme Technology and Application for Competitiveness (OP TAC), calls have been prepared under the popular Potential or Application programmes. Moreover, the deadline for filing applications under the current call, already announced on 15 August 2022, has been extended in the Application programme. Applications for support can now be submitted until 28 February 2023. At the same time, it is possible to submit applications under the Energy Savings programme until the end of November 2023. An Infrastructure Services programme aimed to support the expansion of innovative infrastructure, the acquisition of new equipment, or the improvement of capacities for the joint use of technologies is also being prepared. The above calls are intended for large enterprises; but the upcoming call under the Application programme is available to large enterprises only under the condition that they implement the project while effectively cooperating with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The deadlines for submitting applications, the dates of call announcements, and funds for allocation under these calls are as follows:

  • Energy Savings: applications accepted until 30 November 2023, funds for allocation of CZK 10 billion
  • Potential: call announced on 1 June 2023, applications accepted from 15 June to 30 September 2023, funds for allocation of CZK 1 billion
  • Infrastructure Services: calls under this programme to be announced in the second quarter of 2023, funds for allocation of CZK 2.5 billion
  • Application: next call to be announced in the last quarter of 2023, funds for allocation of CZK 2 billion.

For the OP TAC, new calls under the Circular Solutions in Enterprises and Water Savings programmes are expected to be announced in August. These calls target SMEs and mid-caps, i.e., enterprises with a middle market capitalisation and between 250 and 3 000 employees, where the limit is assessed on a group level. Funds for allocation for each of the calls will be CZK 500 million.

Other new calls are to be expected under the National Recovery Plan. In February 2023, the Ministry of Industry and Trade plans to submit to the government suggestions for new investments and reforms leading to the announcement of new calls as well as an increase in the allocation of funds for the entire NRP. This will be followed by the publication of a timetable and the announcement of specific calls.

Projects focusing on the construction of photovoltaic power plants (PPPs) may apply for support under the Modernisation Fund, specifically in the RES+ No. 1/2022 call, until 15 March 2023. This call will provide support to PPPs with an installed capacity of up to and including 1 MWp. Another call supporting the construction of PPPs is expected to be announced in the middle of 2023, focusing on plants with an installed capacity of over 1 MWp. In addition to support for photovoltaic power plants, you can also apply for support for the modernisation of energy systems and energy efficiency, in particular under the ENERG ETS No. 1/2022 and ENERG ETS No. 2/2022 calls. Entities operating EU ETS installations in the territory of the Czech Republic can apply for support under these calls. Applications can be submitted until the end of June 2023.

Finally, it will be possible to obtain support under the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic’s programmes. Already the 10th call under the TREND programme, sub-programme 1, is expected to be announced in March 2023, aimed to support research and experimental development projects of entities that already have experience with their own research and development activities. Another call will be announced under the TREND programme in the autumn. This time under sub-programme 2, which is usually designed for entities without research and development experience.
In April this year, the first call under the TRANSPORT 2030 programme, the successor of DOPRAVA 2020+, is scheduled to be announced. Projects dealing with applied research in connection with the development of the transport sector will be able to apply for support.

Further information on individual programmes and calls is summarised here.

Should you be interested in support from any of the above programmes, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assess the suitability of your projects and their compliance with the specific conditions of the call. We will keep you informed about the announcements of individual calls.