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How to receive a grant to build research and innovation infrastructure?

Are you planning to build development infrastructure that can be shared with other businesses or universities? Then you may be interested in Call I of the Infrastructure Services programme under the OP TAC announced by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Support can be received to develop and build open research and innovation infrastructure or to provide services to innovative businesses.

Applications for support under this programme will be accepted from 9 August 2023 to 18 January 2024. Large enterprises may also apply. One of the conditions of the programme is the applicants’ cooperation with research organisations. The funds for allocation are one billion Czech crowns. The following activities may be subject to support:

  • Activity A) Provision of services to innovative SMEs.
  • Activity B) Expansion of premises and modernisation of open research and innovation (R&I) infrastructure, including the acquisition of new equipment or the construction of new open R&I infrastructure.

Activity B

The aid intensity varies according to the type of R&I infrastructure being built or upgraded:

  • For the expansion or construction of new research infrastructure, the aid intensity is up to 50 % of eligible costs.
  • For the extension or construction of new R&I infrastructure meeting the definition of testing and experimental infrastructure, the aid intensity is 25 % of eligible costs. This may be increased by five percentage points if at least 80% of the annual capacity of this infrastructure is allocated to SMEs.

The maximum subsidy amount is CZK 50 million. If a project includes construction work, the subsidy can reach up to CZK 150 million. Eligible costs are costs incurred for fixed assets, intangible assets, and project documentation.

One of the conditions set out in the call for applicants and research centres is the allocation of at least 30% of annual R&I infrastructure capacity to SMEs.

Projects can be implemented throughout the Czech Republic, but not in Prague. Applicants may submit only one project proposal per activity.

If you are interested in this type of support, we will be happy to review your activities’ compliance with the conditions of the programme.