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Overview of OP TAC calls for 2024

Under the Operational Programme Technology and Applications for Competitiveness, this year we can look forward to new calls in popular subsidy programmes such as Energy Savings, Applications, and Potential. Here is an overview of the calls for large enterprises according to the current schedule (eligible applicants for each call will be specified after its announcement).

Call title Funds for allocation Planned start of receipt of applications Planned closure of receipt of applications
Applications - Call II. CZK 3 billion 1Q/2024 2Q/2024
Energy Savings – Call II.  CZK 5 billion 1Q/2024 to be specified
Renewable Energy Sources - Wind Power Plants - Call II. CZK 2 billion 1Q/2024 to be specified
Potential - Call II. CZK 1 billion 2Q/2024 3Q/2024
Renewable Energy Sources - Biomass - Call I. CZK 0.5 billion 3Q/2024 to be specified
Infrastructure Services - Call II. CZK 1 billion 3Q/2024 1Q/2025
Energy Infrastructure - Power to Gas - Call I. CZK 1 billion 4Q/2024 to be specified
Sustainable Water Management - Call II. to be specified 4Q/2024 to be specified

The call under the Applications programme offers support for industrial research and experimental development. Large enterprises with more than 3,000 employees within their corporate groups may also apply for support but only on the condition of their effective cooperation with an SME.

The Energy Savings Programme will support various energy-saving measures, such as reducing the energy consumption of buildings, using renewable energy sources, modernising electricity, gas, heat and cold distribution systems, using waste energy, reducing the energy consumption of production and technological processes, etc.

Support for the deployment of infrastructure for research, development, and innovation activities will be available under the Potential programme. Call I was only intended for large enterprises meeting the definition of a mid-cap company (a company with up to 3,000 employees within the corporate group), but the announced call currently does not contain any restrictions for large enterprises.
The call under the Infrastructure Services programme targets the establishment and development of research and innovation infrastructure. Another interesting call is the one under the Sustainable Water Management programme that will support measures leading to the reduction of water consumption in enterprises. You can read more about this programme in the October 2023 Tax and Legal Update.

All projects under the above-mentioned calls can be carried out in the whole territory of the Czech Republic except Prague.

We will keep you informed about further developments.