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Obtain support to buy electric cars and charging stations

The Ministry of Industry and Trade together with the National Development Bank have prepared a call to participate in the first programme entitled Electromobility Guarantee within the National Recovery Plan.

This call may help enterprises receive support for the acquisition of emission-free vehicles, namely conventional electric vehicles and hydrogen-powered vehicles. Specifically, this includes new cars and trucks up to 4.25 tonnes, while the purchase price of passenger cars must not exceed CZK 1.5 million excluding VAT. It will also be possible to receive support for the acquisition of non-public charging stations for a company's own use. The call is intended for small, medium-sized, and large enterprises and aims to increase the share of alternative fuel vehicles and at the same time support the construction of charging stations. 

Applications for support will be accepted starting at the beginning of this year until 30 September 2025. Funds for allocation amount to CZK 1.95 billion, of which CZK 1.65 billion will be for the acquisition of emission-free vehicles. The support will take the form of a bank guarantee for a commercial loan and a financial contribution per vehicle, with the contribution not exceeding the guaranteed loan amount. The financial contribution will be granted under a de minimis regime.

Applicants will be able to obtain a guarantee of up to 70% of the loan value, with a maximum guarantee period of 5 years and a minimum loan maturity period of 12 months.

The guaranteed loan shall be limited as follows:

  • CZK 300 thousand up to CZK 1.5 million per one passenger car
  • CZK 300 thousand to CZK 2.5 million per one truck
  • up to CZK 400 thousand per charging station depending on its type.

The financial contribution shall be limited as follows:

  • CZK 200 thousand per one passenger car 
  • CZK 300 thousand per for one truck
  • CZK 150 thousand per one charging station.

It is possible to purchase a fleet of vehicles under one project (while respecting the de minimis limit). The number of charging stations must not exceed the number of vehicles being acquired.