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New call under TRANSPORT 2030 programme

The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic has announced the preliminary parameters of the second call for proposals under the Transport 2030 programme. You can get support for applied research and innovation in transport.

The call for proposals will be launched on 28 February 2024, and applications will be accepted from 29 February to 24 April 2024. The call is intended for small, medium and large enterprises. The maximum amount of support per project is EUR 40 million, the maximum aid intensity is limited to 70% of eligible costs (for large enterprises, usually 25-65% depending on whether the project involves experimental development or industrial research, and whether the project is carried out in effective cooperation). Eligible costs are personnel costs, subcontracting costs, indirect costs, and other direct costs.

Applicants should choose from one of the following project objectives:

  • sustainable, accessible and safe transport
  • automation, digitisation and technologically advanced transport
  • low emission and green transport.

The call for proposals is aimed at all modes of transport, i.e., land, water, and air, as well as all types of means of transport and transport infrastructure.

The duration of the project must not exceed 48 months. The latest date for completing the project is December 2028. The output of the project must be,  e.g., an industrial design, utility model, prototype, functional sample, patent, software, or pilot plant.

We will keep you informed of further developments.