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Subsidies for charging stations in Czech Republic and EU

The European Commission has announced another call for proposals under the CEF2 grant programme, with total funds for allocation of up to EUR 1 billion. The programme supports the construction of public chargers for electric vehicles, hydrogen filling stations, etc. The Ministry of Transport also announced a similar call this March.

CEF2 programme

The EU CEF2 grant programme supports the construction of publicly accessible charging stations for electric vehicles (cars and trucks). The call also supports the construction of hydrogen filling stations for vehicles. The condition is that the infrastructure must be built along the TEN-T, i.e., the trans-European transport network. In particular, international projects building charging and refuelling infrastructure in parallel in several EU countries are an appropriate type of project for this programme. Legal entities, including large businesses, can be applicants, even in the form of joint ventures.

Support for the construction of charging stations is provided either as a fixed contribution per charging station or a percentage of eligible costs. For a charging station with a capacity of 150 kW, applicants can obtain support of EUR 20-30 thousand or 30-50% of eligible costs. The specific aid intensity varies depending on the country of the applicant and the power of the charging station.
The first round of applications is open from the end of February until 24 September 2024. At the same time, the Commission has announced further rounds of applications, with the second round closing on 11 June 2025 and the third on 17 December 2025. To be assessed by the European Commission, an application for funding from the CEF2 programme must first be approved by the Ministry of Transport.

Operational Programme Transport

Support for the construction of public charging infrastructure can also be applied for at the national level under the Operational Programme Transport. At the end of March 2024, two calls were announced under this programme, focusing on the development of charging infrastructure with battery storage and on the development of fast charging infrastructure for passenger vehicles. Compared to the CEF2 programme, these calls are for smaller scale projects and must take place in the Czech Republic.

Eligible applicants are owners of charging infrastructure with public access, while large companies can also apply for support. The aid intensity for these calls is 55-60% of eligible costs. Applications can be submitted before 27 June 2024.

If any of the calls are relevant to you or if you are interested in more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.