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Second wave of applications for COVID – Rent support under way

Following the reintroduction of measures restricting retail and the provision of services, the government has come up with a second call to participate in the COVID – Rent programme. Applications may be submitted until 21 January 2021.

As we have already informed you, the Ministry of Industry and Trade launched a second call to participate in COVID – Rent, a programme providing support for lease expenses. As in the first call, lessees meeting the definition of eligible applicant will be entitled to compensation equal to 50% of rent for the relevant period from 1 July 2020 to 30 September 2020. A key condition for obtaining this support is applicants having been forced to close their premises due to the October government resolutions. Further conditions shall be laid down directly by the call.

As in the first wave of the COVID – Rent programme, it will be possible to draw a maximum subsidy of CZK 10 million for the relevant period. Importantly, subsidy amounts received during the first and second waves are not going to be added up. However, it is still necessary not to exceed the limits stipulated by the European Commission’s Temporary Framework and to pay at least 50% of the relevant rent before applying for aid.

A fundamental difference from the first programme wave is that it is no longer necessary to obtain a rent discount from the lessor. It will suffice to provide an affidavit from the lessor confirming the existence of a lease relationship.

Where an applicant has applied for support during the first wave, they shall use the login details already created for registration in the system. New applicants must first verify their identity for electronic identification. For more information on registration, please read this article.

All forms and other information necessary to file an application are available at the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s website, on the applicant’s portal.