Final calls for popular programmes under OP EIC

Last calls under the Potential, Application and Innovation – Innovation Project programmes were announced under the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness (OP EIC) that is slowly drawing to an end. These programmes are also intended for large businesses that meet certain conditions.

Potential – Call VIII

Support will be granted for the establishment or development of centres for industrial research, development and innovation involving the acquisition of machinery/equipment and other facilities to ensure the centres’ activities. Eligible costs are capital expenditures relating to tangible and intangible fixed assets and buildings (new buildings and construction work only partly).

Application – Call IX

Support will be provided for industrial research and experimental development. Eligible costs include personnel expenses; expenses for tools, equipment and fittings; expenses for contractual research; expenses for research and development advisory services; and additional overhead and other operating expenses. Capital expenditures are not eligible.

Innovation – Innovation Project – Call IX

Support will be granted for innovation relating to products, processes, organisation and marketing. Eligible costs mainly include capital expenditures associated with innovation.
Large businesses may apply for support under the above programmes but may do so only if they meet the criteria for intervention code 065 (Potential and Innovation programmes) or for intervention code 063 (Potential programme):

  • Intervention code 065 – projects having a positive impact on the environment, focusing on the low-carbon economy and climate change resilience with a link to the circular economy (projects focusing on the circular economy).
  • Intervention code 063 – projects whose main purpose is to cooperate with a small or medium-sized enterprise on a given development project while the small or medium-sized enterprise will have to use the acquired infrastructure for at least 30% of the machine time over a period of five years. Large businesses may cover all project expenses. 

The individual programme parameters are as follows:

Parameter Potential Application Inovation
Application acceptance 14 June 2021 – 26 August 2021 8 June 2021 – 31 July 2021 15 June 2021 – 30 August 2021
Total funds for allocation CZK 1 billion CZK 1 billion CZK 1 billion
Subsidy amount CZK 2–100 million CZK 2–100 milion CZK 1–100 milion
Aid intensity 50 % of eligible costs 25–65 % of eligible costs* 25–45 % of eligible costs
Applicant large businesses, small and medium enterprises large businesses, small and medium enterprises, research organisations large businesses, small and medium enterprises
Conditions for large businesses meeting criteria applicable to intervention codes 065 or 063 even without meeting intervention code criteria but with limited funds for allocation and a lower maximum subsidy amount  only projects meeting criteria applicable to intervention code 065
Type of call single-round single-round single-round

*for large businesses, depending on the supported activity and the implementation of a project in effective cooperation or without such cooperation

Under all programmes, all projects must be carried out in the Czech Republic, but outside of Prague. Supported activities do not include mere restorations of property or manufacturing activities. Applicants must have their beneficial owners recorded in the register pursuant to the Act on Some Measures against Legalisation of Proceeds from Criminal Activity and Financing Terrorism. The registration must be made before a decision on granting a subsidy is issued. Other conditions are part of the individual calls.

Should you be interested, we can provide you with more detailed information or review the suitability of a given programme for your planned activities and any other specific conditions.


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