Subsidies for large businesses after 2020

In the 2021-2027 period, the Competitiveness Operational Programme (COP) will follow up upon the Enterprise and Innovations for Competitiveness Operational Programme (EIC OP), managed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The programme will primarily focus on providing aid for digitalisation, research and development, small and medium-sized enterprises, and projects with positive environmental impact. The programme is funded from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Funds available for allocation amount to EUR 7.24 billion.

This COP will again have several priority areas: in addition to technical assistance and business development support only designed for small and medium-sized businesses, there will also be programmes for large businesses. Key priorities for them should be as follows:

  • Enhancement of business performance relating to research, development and innovation, and digital transformation – support provided to implement advanced technologies and strengthen research and development capacity.
  • Shift towards low-carbon economy – support of energy generated from renewable resources, green infrastructure, and energy efficiency measures.
  • More effective resource management – response to climate changes, catastrophe prevention programmes, and transition to circular economy.
  • Digital infrastructure development – support to enhance digital interconnection.

Based on the above, we may conclude that programmes similar to the current Potential, Low-Carbon Technologies, Energy Saving and Renewable Energy Sources programmes will be available to businesses. Almost 80% of the funds to be allocated should be invested in the above priorities, which is a significant amount for distribution.

The programme is still in its development phase; consequently, we can only speculate about its final design, criteria, deadlines, and restrictions for large businesses. More details in this respect are expected to be gradually made available during the course of 2020, after conclusion of the final agreement with the European Council.

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