TA CR announces fourth THETA programme call

On 10 February 2021, the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic announced the fourth call for proposals under the THETA programme supporting applied research, experimental development and innovation.

Project applications are accepted from 11 February to 12 May 2021. Projects are to be initiated between January and February 2022 and their duration should not exceed 48 months. Businesses of all sizes and research institutions may apply for support. Total funds for allocation add up to CZK 645 million, the amount and level of support depend on the project scope and on the relevant sub-programme. 


Sub-programme title

Maximum level of support

Expected allocation

aximum amount of support

Sub-programme 1

Research in public interest

90 %

CZK 75 mil. 

CZK 10 mil.

Sub-programme 2

Strategic energy technologies

60 %

CZK 400 mil.

Not set

Sub-programme 3

Long-term technology perspectives

90 %

CZK 170 mil.

Not set


Support may be obtained for personnel expenses and scholarships, tools and equipment, contract research, and other direct and indirect costs.

Sub-programme 1 aims to support research and development in the field of reliability and technological development of nuclear installations, energy regulation and other relevant areas. Sub-programme 2 focuses on supporting research, development and innovation in the field of energy technologies and system components with a high potential for rapid application in new products, production processes and services. Subprogramme 3 aims to support research and development of technologies significantly contributing to the transformation of Czech energy sector.
Should you be interested in more information about the THETA programme, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss aspects relevant for your project and assist you in the preparation of the project application.


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