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Summer subsidy news

In July, the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) informed about the early termination of the receipt of applications to participate in Call I of the Energy Savings programme. The expected Infrastructure Services call designed to support the construction of research, development and innovation infrastructure has also changed. Companies can now also submit applications under a call to participate in the Digital Economy and Society, Innovative Start-Ups and New Technologies programme, focusing on the digitisation of industry using 5G networks.

Energy Savings – end of receipt of applications on 31 August 2023 and upcoming new call

In response to significant changes in the conditions of public aid generated by the updated wording of the EU general block exemption regulation (GBER), which we informed you about here, the MIT is terminating the receipt of applications for support in Call I Energy Savings as of 31 August 2023. The call supported investments focused, e.g., on the use of renewable energy sources, the thermal insulation of buildings, the modernisation of electricity, gas, heat or cold distribution, and the improvement of the energy performance of buildings. Businesses that planned to apply for support do not have to worry that they will come away empty-handed, as the call will be revised by the MIT to meet the requirements of the revised GBER and will then be announced again at the turn of 2023/2024.

Infrastructure Services

On 1 August 2023, the MIT announced Call I of the Infrastructure Services programme under the Operational Programme Technology and Application for Competitiveness. Applications will be accepted from 9 August 2023 to 18 January 2024. Support will be open to companies of all sizes whose projects will be carried out anywhere in the Czech Republic outside the territory of the Capital City of Prague. The support will be directed to the expansion or construction of innovative infrastructure, the acquisition of new equipment, and the provision of innovative services to small and medium-sized enterprises. More detailed information on the call is currently being prepared.

Supporting the digitisation of industry

Under the National Recovery Plan, the MIT announced Call II Investment No. 8 Demonstrative Projects for the Development of Applications for Industrial Areas Using 5G Networks.

The aim is to increase the digital level of small, medium, and large enterprises through digitisation and robotisation of production technologies using 5G connectivity. The project must lead to a reduction in production costs, shorter production time, or increased safety in production.

Applications for support will be accepted from 31 July 2023 to 30 September 2023. The funds for allocation are CZK 375 million, but an additional increase in the funds for allocation is possible. The maximum aid amount is CZK 10 million per one use-case (a comprehensive set of technical and technological elements supporting the implementation of the required functions using 5G networks). One project may contain multiple use-cases up to a maximum aid amount of CZK 50 million. The call offers three aid intensity options:

  • large enterprises can receive 20-50% of their investment expenditure, depending on the region where they implement the project,
  • irrespective of the place of implementation, large enterprises may receive 15% of their operating expenses (personnel expenses, expenses for tools, equipment, buildings and land to the extent of their use for the project, other operating expenses, or overheads) provided that the project is carried out in cooperation with an SME,
  • under the de minimis regime (max. EUR 200,000), large enterprises can receive aid equal to up to 80% of their investment expenditure and operating expenses regardless of the place of implementation.